Been to Hornet?

Hornet’s Spook Light has drawn the curious for decades | Ozarks Alive

SPOOKSVILLE – Down a quiet, country road near Joplin lives a legend. Instead of a person, however, the road leads to a story; a tale often referred to as the Hornet Spook Light. Though it’s not there every night, the blazing

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The Virginia Flaggers: Victory in Memphis! City Council Request to Move Confederate Statue DENIED! Forrest Rides Again!


Shared From the Memphis Brigade, Sons of Confederate Veterans Facebook Page:

Forrest Rides Again!

The request for a waiver to the Tennessee Heritage Preservation Act of 2015 in order to remove the Forrest statue HAS BEEN DENIED!

God has blessed our Heritage Warriors with a great Victory!

Memphis City

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Smithsonian Smear

A Controversial Museum Tries to Revive the Myth of the Confederacy’s “Lost Cause” | Smithsonian

It’s often said that the winners of wars are the ones who write the history books, casting their vanquished enemies in a bad light. However, they’re not the only ones with the means or motives to

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