Left and Right Agree: Don’t Nullify Because it Will Work!

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From left to right, the mainstream agrees. Don’t nullify. Why? Because it might actually work.

Last year, Ian Millhiser, Senior Fellow at the George Soros-funded Center for American Progress Action Fund and Editor of Justice at the establishment-liberal ThinkProgess.org, made that very argument against nullification in an article headlined Why a Bipartisan Move Against the NSA Could Kill the New Deal. He was all twisted up in knots because many on the left rallied behind efforts to nullify in practice mass NSA spying through state resistance.

“This might seem like a good idea to NSA critics unhappy with President Obama’s reform proposals, but the constitutional theory it depends on is profoundly dangerous. It poses a serious threat to that liberal touchstone, a federal regulatory and welfare state equal to the problems of growing corporate power and poverty,” Millhiser wrote. “More immediately, it could empower conservative state lawmakers to ...