Why Not Read to Rebel?

In today’s world the simple act of actually reading a REAL book is an act of rebellion.

It is hard in this post-modern world to find people read actual books anymore. This is not coincidental and mirrors the decline of what passes for education pushed on our kids by educrats at the state and federal level. Considering that the education level of the average American student has declined one grade level per decade since the WWI era it is no surprise that love of reading as well as the ability to read has declined proportionally. This is an alarming trend for any people that claims the right of self-government.

It is a trend that must be reversed.

Another non-coincidence is the accelerating decline in the average citizen’s personal freedom coupled with our government’s increased unwillingness to abide by its own rules. So if you don’t want to be sheared with the rest of the sheep, quit acting like a member of the passive flock. Read forbidden books on verboten subjects and set yourself free.

As a service to the Southern community, here is a partial list of politically incorrect reading to expand the mind.

(Current law has destroyed affiliate marketing programs in our state so rest assured that SN.O does not make a cent off these recommendations.)

Of course, your first choice for any reading should be the Holy Bible. The Bible should be your constant guide for daily faith and action. The Geneva, KJV, NKJV, and ASV are preferred over the newer liberal translations.

Another work that is a good supplement to your daily Bible reading is C.S. Lewis’s Mere Christianity. This timeless classic from the author of the Narnia tales has changed many a life.

For reading on Southern history and heritage it is hard to beat starting with the original Southern heritage book, Micheal Andrew Grissom’s Southern by the Grace of God. If you can find his sequel, The Last Rebel Yell, it is also highly recommended.

A good follow-up to SbtGoG is The South Was Right by the Kennedy Brothers. This is the one book that is most credited with starting the modern Southern movement. Any of the additional books by the Kennedy brothers are highly recommended.

 In addition, check out the Today in Southern History blog at KnowSouthernHistory.Org for your daily dose of Southern History.

For Southern politics and strategy, the only source to go to is The Southern Nation: The New Rise of the Old South by R. Gordon Thornton. Unlike other Southern books, Thornton doesn’t just gripe about what’s wrong, he suggests what to do about it and instructs us on how to do it.

Another good general source is the Politically Incorrect Guide to the South by Clint Johnson. As with all the PIG book series, Johnson gives us a lot of information and perspective that would never pass the censors of any other book series.

A new book that is receiving a lot of favorable attention is Our Southern Nation: Its Origin and Future by Michael O. Cushman. It is worth a good read as well.

As previously mentioned, this is only a partial list. There are many others, but these are some of the books most-hated by the anti-Southern establishment. Why not start “reading as an act of rebellion” with the best.

Deo Vendice. Resurgam!

From occupied Arkansas,