Evolution for Dummies

Atheism is a faith based religion.  One of the tenets of this religion is abiogenesis, life beginning on it’s own.  Another is evolution.  It is difficult to get atheists to talk about abiogenesis, because of the inescapable requirement of faith it brings.  Atheists will argue for evolution, but their material is very limited.  If you discuss evolution with one atheist, you’ve discussed it with all of them.

Source: Evolution for Dummies – Flat Out Unconstitutional

  • Evolution is real.

    The evidence for evolution is overwhelming.

    Arguing against evolution is a good way to look dumb.

    Evolution started a long time ago.

    Evolution, including bacteria, virus, fungi, protozoa, plant, animal and human evolution continues today.

    The Universe is about 13.8 billion years old.

    Earth is about 4.5 billion years old.

    Homo sapiens is about 200 thousand years old.

    European race as distinct from African and Asian races is about 40-50 thousand years old.

    British indigenous race has been (mostly) separate from other Europeans for about 10 thousand years.

    Southerners have been (mostly) a separate race from Northerners for 200-400 years.

    Genetics and heredity are real, including IQ, mental health, and doubtless many other psychological traits.

    The future of our race may be either eugenic or dysgenic.

    Whether our future is to be eugenic or dysgenic is up to us to acknowledge and choose.

    Denying Evolution while maintaining Christian charities will almost certainly put us on a dysgenic track.

    Eugenics is a national security interest (ie We want to be smarter than Chinese, Russians or they may out-innovate us)

    We cannot stop other countries from engaging in eugenics, and some have probably already begun.

    Therefore, it is very, very important that today’s Southerners acknowledge the reality of Evolution and the value of Eugenics or our grandchildren/great grandchildren may well curse us for it–That is if they still have the IQ to understand what happened, in which case they will just curse the Russians/Chinese or whoever their conquering masters happen to be.

    None of these statements is incompatible with Christianity. Only incompatible with the literal interpretation of Genesis.

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