Why Don’t Obama & Clinton Care About You or Your Floods, Louisiana?


Who else remembers the 2005 disaster reality show known as Hurricane Katrina?  Who else remembers seeing or reading about the overcrowded and violent Superdome, the flooding, the failure of the levee system, the incompetent response by the feds and government alike, the looting, and the destruction of vast swaths of New Orleans and Mississippi?

Pretty much everybody.

Who else remembers what happened a mere five years after Katrina – one of the most photo-op ready moments for the then-young President Barack Obama to distance himself from his evil Republican predecessor’s alleged failures during Katrina?

No?  You don’t remember the Nashville floods of 2010?

Well, don’t feel too guilty.  Not only is it likely that you don’t remember the 2010 Nashville floods, it’s likely that Obama doesn’t either – because he never showed up to offer encouragement and help to the people of the majority-Republican state.

You know, like leaders are supposed to do.

He sent his FEMA rep Craig Fugate, and he used his magic pen and phone to give away your money from the comfort of the White House, but Obama never visited Tennessee during its once-in-1,000-years flood.

Meanwhile, during 2012’s Hurricane/Superstorm/Election-Year-Photo-Op Sandy in New Jersey (a Democratic state adjacent to the media center of the world), Obama took the opportunity to appear like Santa Claus to voters a mere two weeks prior to his reelection.  His rival at the time, Mitt Romney, looked more like Goofus than Gallant while Obama wooed Chris Christie with his magic money-disbursing pen.

Now on his way out and with no more elections of his own to win, visiting an ailing state is not too big a priority for Obama.  As with Tennessee in 2010, once again Obama had been nowhere to be found during a major disaster in a Republican state.

Before my racially-aware readers start blasting me as too “basic” and not “edgy” enough, let me segue with a short excerpt from a PC-to-English language dictionary:

Republican: adj. Used in lieu of white, Caucasian, European-American. Can refer to suicidal whites (see “cucks” and “RINOs”) as well as life-affirming whites.

Democrat: adj. Used in lieu of non-white, sexually perverted, or otherwise insane.

While acting as first-responder-in-chief, anytime Obama sees a non-white, or sexually perverted, or otherwise insane person in need, he will swing into action.  He did it for Henry Louis Gates, Jr.  He did it for Trayvon Martin.  He’s done it for Muslims.  He’s done it for Mexicans.  You get the point.

They’re usually Democrats or likely Democrat voters, but they don’t need to be American voters for him to apply this rule. In January 2010 when Haiti experienced a bad earthquake, Obama offered pretty much everything possible to help Haiti rebuild right after the earthquake.  According to the U.S. Agency for International Development, as of September 30, 2014, the U.S. government had spent $3.1 billion on Haiti between 2010-2014, with $900 million more available.

On the other hand, when eight months earlier Italy had experienced a bad earthquake, Obama promised $4.5 million – nearly 900 times less than what he offered Haiti – and has followed through on his promise with no payment whatsoever.  The Italian prime minister at the time specifically asked the U.S. for help rebuilding historic sites and churches, but you can probably guess how interested the Obama Administration was in helping to rebuild memorials to white pride, patriarchy, and homophobia.

So even though he has been an excellent Alinskyite with political power firmly in mind at all times, how could giving billions to Haitians, versus pocket change to Italians, advance his career or the Democratic cause?  It wouldn’t.  So why did he do it?

And more relevantly, why is he doing it again right now?

Because it’s August 2016, and once again Louisiana is under water.  The red state is submerged once more.

Where is Obama?  Playing golf in Massachusetts, and finally induced to visit only from political motives.  Where is his appointed heir and former first lady of nearby Arkansas, Hillary Rodham Clinton? She made some comments about the flooding but is elsewhere on the campaign.

They have claimed that they don’t want to be a distraction while people respond to the disaster.  As Louisiana’s new Democrat governor (not non-white and not gay, so what’s his mental illness?) John Bel Edwards said, if Obama visited it would tie up the roads and police, etc.

Of course, that logic didn’t matter when Obama visited New Jersey right after Sandy.  Neither did it matter when Democrats hounded W. for flying over New Orleans in 2005 to inspect the damage caused by Katrina. “He didn’t come see things for himself on the ground!!” they screamed.  And given the fact that it will take many months for things to get reasonably close to normal in the affected areas, wouldn’t that logic dictate that Obama stay away…pretty much for the rest of his presidency?

That logic won’t cut the mustard.  Leadership demands presence – especially during a crisis.  Every leadership book on the shelf will tell you that.  “Management by walking around.”  “Leading by example.”  “Follow me!”  All these leadership maxims demand a leader’s physical presence.  People instinctively respond to the radiant presence of a strong man just as surely as they turn away from the incompetence or absence of a weakling who happens to hold a title.

Even though he was roundly criticized for his alleged failures regarding Katrina, W. did have the sense to go to New Orleans after his fly-over, and gave a pretty decent speech vowing federal support for rebuilding efforts in the city and surrounding areas.  He portrayed a measure of strength and intelligence simply by giving his speech in front of the famous statue of that politically incorrect exile from the twenty dollar bill, the hero of the Battle of New Orleans, Andrew Jackson.

Obama, Clinton, Edwards, and the national media are pathological liars.  You already knew that.  What you may not have known, my conservative and/or Christian friend, is that they consistently lie to support everyone but you.  Remember Paul’s word of encouragement in Romans 8: “If God be for us, who can be against us?”  Well, even if God is for you, these people will never be for you.  They will always throw their support behind their non-white racial kin – as Obama did during the Haiti earthquake – or their sexually perverse, ideological colleagues – as Clinton and Edwards are doing now by downplaying Obama & Clinton’s absence during the current disaster in Louisiana.

These people will never be for you, dear reader.  It’s not simply because you’re conservative, or Republican, or a churchgoer.  All those things are symptoms of the disease they see when they see you.  It’s a disease you can never get rid of.  There’s no cure for it.  You can’t medicate it away, educate it away, buy it away, or surrender it away.

They will never be for you, dear reader, because you are white.  And there is nothing you can do – not adopting a black baby, not welcoming Muslim refugees into your town, not embracing a diverse son-in-law, not affirming your lesbian daughter’s lifestyle, not denying Jesus Christ, not sleeping with a non-white sexual partner – that will ever cleanse you from the disease of your whiteness.  That is why our first black President, our first feminist presidential nominee, Louisiana’s turncoat governor, and the Jewish mass media, do not care for the suffering of the white people of Louisiana.

Speaking of strong white men, has anyone heard where Donald Trump is?  Oh that’s right – he is visiting Louisiana firsthand, and within hours of Trump visiting Louisiana, Obama announced he’d do the same.