Pro-Confederate group plans march, sale in Dobson

By Tom Joyce -
Southern Cross, which is based in the Dobson area, has held similar events in recent months in Mount Airy and Pilot Mountain, and Saturday’s march in the county seat will include an added feature — a charity rummage sale.
Joe Davis, the president of the group which has been described as a small motor vehicle club, said Tuesday the format this weekend will mirror that of the previous marches.
Those typically have included individuals solemnly carrying both Confederate and U.S. flags, with a hearse also part of the procession to symbolize how basic rights are being lost in America today. One of the group’s missions is to address misinformation regarding the role of the Confederacy in the War Between the States.
At the end of each march, Davis has offered remarks in support of constitutional freedoms of expression and others, and the sacrifices ...

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