Ammon Bundy, And Six Others Have Been Acquitted In The Oregon Standoff Trial


Ammon Bundy, and six others have been acquitted in the largely media ignored Oregon standoff trial.

The acquittal telegraphs a message to U.S. citizenry that justice can still be found in American courts.

Written off by mainstream media for months on end, tears of joy of the acquitted ended what can only be described as surrealistic.

“Seven people who were among the armed occupiers of a federal wildlife refuge in Oregon earlier this year were acquitted Thursday of charges related to the 41-day standoff.

“Ammon Bundy; his brother, Ryan Bundy; and three other people were found not guilty of firearms charges and conspiracy to impede federal workers. Two others who were acquitted were charged only with conspiracy. The federal jury couldn’t reach a verdict on a theft charge against Ryan Bundy. 

“One of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge defendants, Neil Wampler, told reporters: “We came to Oregon … seeking justice, and we found it today.”

“Another, Shawna Cox, said the jury’s decision brought her to tears.

“I was thrilled. We all knew we weren’t guilty,” she said, according to CNN affiliate KOIN .

“Harney County Sheriff David M. Ward said he was disappointed.

“This is our system and I stand by it,” he added.

“Gov. Kate Brown said she respected the jury’s decision.”

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CNN tried to cover over the surrealism of the recorded courtroom taser attack on Ammon Bundy’s attorney, Marcus Mumford, taken down by US Marshals who reportedly used a stun gun on him after the lawyer argued with the judge that his client should be set free, by calling it “a bit of drama”.

The attack came when Mumford asked the judge to order Bundy freed, unless the feds had a detainer that would give the federal district a reason to keep him in custody.

“U.S. District Judge Anna J. Brown told him that there was a U.S. Marshal’s hold on him from a pending federal indictment in Nevada.(Liberty Unyeilding, Oct. 27, 2016)

“If there’s a detainer, show me,” Mumford stood, arguing before the judge.

“Suddenly, a group of about six U.S. Marshals surrounded Mumford at his defense table. The judge directed them to move back but moments later, the marshals  grabbed on to him.

“What are you doing?” Mumford yelled, as he struggled and was taken down to the floor.

“As deputy marshals yelled, “Stop resisting,” the judge demanded, “Everybody out of the courtroom now!”

“Mumford was taken into custody, a member of his legal team confirmed. Mumford, released   from custody,  by 6:30 p.m., confirmed that he was struck with a stun gun once while he was on the floor of the courtroom.

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Shawna Cox describes tackling of Ammon Bundy’s lawyer.

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