Be Ready | Texas Patriot

In the area of prepping this time of the year is nothing really special. I have been prepping for quite some time now so I have everything I need so I am usually just rotating inventory and getting more bullets. However, we have several potential issues from the election to Russian saber rattling going on that we need to worry about. Due to this I have decided to up my game and grab a few things I wouldn’t normally hold onto.

Despite growing up in the waning years of the cold war, a nuclear attack has never been anything that I have worried about. I even live about a 150 miles away from a nuclear power plant and it has still always been in the far back of my view as a potential problem. Given what I feel to me looming hostilities with Russia,I have started picking up “those kind of supplies.”

Also, we must start preparing ourselves for the possibility of  a Hillary Clinton white house. You should always be buying ammo….never stop buying ammo. Mark my words, if she wins in November you better scoop up as much 7.62 & 5.56 as you can get your hands on before she is sworn in….can you say Executive Order?  There have been federal weapons bans in the past on assault weapons and it could happen again. If they can’t get the guns they can always go after the ammo.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not one of those guys that sits around hoping for the end of the world as we know it. I pray that never happens, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be prepared for it.

One last thing. Practice. Go to the range when you can. Practice cleaning your weapons. Get yourself it shape if you can. Start walking everyday…then start jogging. Take that gear you have bought and take it out of the box. Set it up…make sure everything works. If SHTF for real there will be no opportunity for a dress rehearsal.

Source: Be Ready | Texas Patriot