Disenfranchisement of Poor Whites Under Hillary

Ilana Mercer points out the Trojan Horse in Hillary Clinton’s radical immigration scheme:

The present ideology on immigration considers all whites, rich or poor, a privileged, “fungible monolith.” This outlook brooks little or no consideration of lives lived in penury for over a century. In particular: It overlooks the descendants of poor white Southern sharecroppers who did not own slaves, but were devastated by the War Between the States both “in human and economic terms.” Even now, this sizeable segment of the South has yet to recover; its attainments with respect to education and income mirror those of the region’s African-Americans, with one distinction: poor whites are barred from affirmative action programs.

Of course, we can’t blame the entire massive rip-off on HRC; George W. Bush’s 2007 Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act almost squeaked through, thanks to strong-arming from Band of Traitors members Lindsey Graham, John McCain, and Ted Kennedy. As we’ve noted in previous posts, screwing Traditional America is a bipartisan game.

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