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Ok. You are sitting at work in your cubicle. It is late in the day and you are just sorta zoning out waiting for the day to be over when a co-worker comes running in. He is hysterical and starts talking about how it’s happened and everything has come unglued. Before you can get any further information the guy is gone and everyone is standing around in dazed confusion.

Immediately you sit back down at your computer and try to pull up the internet to check the news, but there is no internet. You grab your cell phone and try to call your wife but there is no service. Everyone around you is comparing notes and coming up with the same issues. You try to call your supervisors extension and it goes straight to voicemail.

You are sitting at work. Last you heard your wife was at work and your two kids at school. You don’t know for sure though. The only peace of mind you can have in this kind of situation is the planning that you made beforehand. If you made no plans then you and your family and subject to the whims of fate and you might never see them again.

With the current family dynamic in our society we spend more time away from home than ever before. That makes it all the more possible that if something where to happen your family will not be together. If it does happen what is the plan? How will you communicate with each other? Do you have a rally point?

In an emergency situation the first thing you should do is establish communications. If a cellphone is your primary communication tool as it is with most of us then you should use it quickly. In a large-scale disaster the cellphone networks will get overloaded quickly. If you do not get through and can leave a voicemail then do so. State your location, your condition, your intentions and any pertinent information you know. Follow it up with a text message with the same information if you didn’t get through. To be thorough, send an email also.

If you have children that adds a whole other layer. I don’t have kids so I couldn’t really tell you what would be the best thing to do. The internet is full of information and I am sure you can find someone out there that has covered the subject.

Rally Point

Establish an emergency rally point beforehand for all family members to meet. Also, have a back up rally point. It makes sense to have the family home as  your rally point since that is going to be where your supplies are located. Before you go looking for people always go to the rally point. If no one is there and it isn’t safe to stay then leave a note. The message board at our house is the fireplace mantle. We keen a large black marker on it. If I or another family member was to arrive at the rally point and needed to leave again we would write a note on the mantle.

When everyone has arrived at the rally point it is now time to make some hard choices. Before you do anything you need to establish a perimeter, explore your situation, and form a plan. What has happened? Are there any immediate dangers? Do we need to hit the road?

If you still have electric power then switch on the television to your local stations. You should have a hand crank portable radio too. Get your ears open and find out what your next 24 to 48 hours are going to hold. If you want to take it up a notch then pick up a portable hand radio. They are very affordable and easy to use with a little tinkering.

In conclusion, there is no way to prepare for every emergency. There are things you can do to plan ahead and lesten the impact.

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