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Emails from inside Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign show that even the Democrat’s supporters find her anti-firearm positions to be extreme.

The emails, part of the WikiLeaks dump of Clinton campaign communications, reveal that even key players on the Democratic presidential candidate’s team feel that her gun control positions are too extreme for average voters.

Clinton, one consultant said, is “more forceful on guns/gun lobby than any other person who ever seriously ran for president.” The candidate’s hardline stance on gun control, which includes calls for everything from new buyer restrictions and magazine bans to discussions about the possibility of Australian-style confiscation, had some Democratic Caucus members “freaking out,” the consultant said.

Clinton campaign chair John Podesta noted that Clinton’s gun positions are reflective of many policy positions on which her stance is more extreme than President Obama’s.

“I think the one thing missing from this very good strategic memo is positioning vis a vis [sic] Obama,” Podesta wrote. “We have more or less hugged him on economics, health care, and Wall Street. We have differentiated on Syria, but have not criticized. I think the question going into this debate is as much about his personal style as it is specific plans. I think there is a perception that he’s slouching into the San Bernadino [sic] events that the Republicans are successfully exploiting that. That may be OBE by the debate, but we need to figure out what her posture is on direct questions about the president’s performance.”

WikiLeaks Clinton’s team is interested in pushing gun control via executive order in ways that even Obama found too extreme.

Ann O’Leary, senior policy director of Hillary for America, forwarded a Washington Post story about Obama’s rejection of Clinton gun control ideas in October 2015.

“The Obama administration has already taken a long, internal look at the same executive-action proposal Clinton has promised to undertake, and has doubts over whether it can be made to work in practical terms, according to current and former senior administration officials,” WaPo reported.

O’Leary described the current administration’s stance as “really annoying.”

At the heart of the issue was a Clinton proposal to expand background checks enough to make private gun sales impossible.

Source: Even Democratic insiders think Clinton’s gun control agenda is extreme – Personal Liberty®