How Did the Jungle Come to the West? at Faith and Heritage

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Axl Rose, lead singer of Guns N’ Roses, once famously said that a jungle was a place of violence, brutal sex, and degeneracy.

Boy, was he ever right.

As the modern-day Camp of the Saints-like “Jungle” in Calais, France, comes down — with the invaders spreading out across France and England to permanently entrench themselves in Europa — we should pause to consider how we got here.

How did we get to the point where thousands of invaders could occupy our ancestral lands — and stay?

Axl Rose isn’t to blame, but Axl Rose and his band was and is symptomatic of why the “Jungle” came to pass.

Consider: Guns N’ Roses lead guitarist Slash is an incredibly degenerate, drug-abusing philanderer who can barely string together a sentence. And no, it’s not because of repeated concussions or Down Syndrome.

Consider: Axl Rose once spoke out against the media’s double standard on “the N-word” and used a politically incorrect term for sodomites. He was speaking from the blue-collar, white working-class tongue common to the masses of white people.  He instantly came under the wrath of his media overlords. Did the Christian church stand up for his crude, but anti-degenerate and pro-white position?  No.  Alone and facing the end of his career and all he held dear, he kowtowed to sodomite Elton John to make penance for his sins, and lived to sing another day.

When Axl Rose and his peers based their lives and successes on the shifting sands of popular opinion — of what was socially acceptable and “cool” — they set themselves up for ultimate failure.

What is acceptable in one day and age, such as opposition to and ridicule of sodomy, for example, may not be acceptable in the next.  And transgressing God’s laws, such as by abusing drugs and alcohol, will eventually wreak havoc on you whether you think they should or not.  Axl Rose and his band experienced this firsthand.

Now all of Western Civilization is experiencing this too.  When Westerners abandoned a biblical foundation in favor of a changing, feelings-based, popular worldview, they tasted the pleasures of sin for a season but set themselves up for the fires of hell forever.

All that had to happen to bring down Axl Rose was for his god — society — to turn a cold shoulder towards him.

All that had to happen to erect the “Jungle” in Calais was for the god of postmodern Europe — humanism — to forbid Europe’s native peoples the right of self-defense when invaders flooded through their gates.

Where the true God is, there is law and order.  Where God is, His law and order brings liberty, prosperity, peace, and justice.

In both cases, when people took God out of the equation, the jungle took over.

And even as lost as Axl Rose was, he knew what would happen when the jungle took over: “You know where you are? You’re in the jungle, baby. You’re gonna die!”

Source: How Did the Jungle Come to the West? at Faith and Heritage