No White People Voting

The above graphic is supposed to be a warning about those eeeeevil Whites. Yes, it’s true — if America’s founding demographic had its way, an antiwar Republican would win, and the Democratic, pro-war candidate would lose. Sends shivers down your spine just thinking about it, doesn’t it? Fortunately, we have masochistic Methodists ready to betray their own people:

The best news about our country’s future is that white people are losing our power. As people of color take over, many things will change about our political discourse. All the propaganda about big government creating a culture of dependency only makes sense in the very specific cultural context of “self-reliant” white middle-class people defining themselves moralistically against “lazy” working class people of color. Who knows? When white people lose enough power, we might even be able to have a sane health care system where big government is no longer a reliable bogeyman. What will “morality” mean when North Carolina NAACP president William Barber gets to define it instead of religious right culture warrior James Dobson? Things are going to be so different! I don’t know how many white people will need to die off before we can have a functioning democracy again. But we’re on a good trajectory as long as people of color keep having babies and refusing to accept our injustice.

Got that? If enough Whites die, we could have a “functioning democracy again,” and all peoples could enjoy the standard of living and liberty of majority-minority countries such as Haiti, Zimbabwe, Brazil, and Syria. Yeah. So — would it be a noble act to nudge a few hundreds of thousands of American Whites into oblivion? If not, why not?

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