SC Confederates Embroiled In “Civil War” | FITSNews


One Southern heritage group in the Palmetto State is challenging another over its ongoing campaign to erect a monument to the South Carolina signers of the 1860 Ordinance of Secession.

It’s a “Civil War,” if you will.

According to the S.C. Secessionist Party, the proposed monument – which is being pushed by the South Carolina division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCSCV) – represents “a case of good intentions being warped by bad leadership.”

“No formal budget was put into place at the initiation of this project (which) has come to cost far more than originally expected,” party leaders claim.

The SCSCV has been pushing for years to erect a “Secession Monument” somewhere in South Carolina – although its efforts to locate the monument in Charleston, North Charleston and (most recently) Mount Pleasant, S.C. have all been rebuffed.

The SCSCV’s plan is to erect an 11.5-foot statue at the center of a 40-foot-by-40-foot plaza modeled after the “Southern Cross.”  In fact the establishment of this monument has been at the heart of the group’s fundraising efforts for the better part of the last decade…

Source: SC Confederates Embroiled In “Civil War” | FITSNews