Scavenger Mentality | Texas Patriot

Has anyone every heard of the scavenger mentality before? The scavenger mentality is defined as the mindset of one who is always looking for resources amongst the clutter of the everyday. To be a successful survivalist one must develop the scavenger mentality and hone it to a razors edge. Anyone can be a “prepper” but not everyone can be a “survivalist.” It is not enough just to have the scavenger mentality but one also needs the knowledge to take those resources and implement them. A pile of junk is just a pile of junk if you don’t know what to do with it.

A good practice exercise to see what kind of scavenger you are would be to stop by one of the piles of trash that someone moving out leaves in front of their house. You don’t actually have to pick through the trash or even get out of your vehicle for this exercise. Simple scan each item in the junk pile and ask yourself, “What else could that be used for?”

It is worth noting that there is a difference between a horder and scavenger. A horder is someone that needlessly collects items to a point where it becomes a physical hazard to themselves or others around them. A scavenger picks up useful items but only when they serve an immediate need.

Their might be a time in the future when you need something and you won’t be able to run down to the big box to pick it up. You have to make due with what you have or can lay your hands on. Don’t be a part of the helpless multitudes. Start cultivating the scavenger mentality today!!!!

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