SPLC’s stupidity


The Southern Poverty Law Center (a far-Left, anti-White organization which has amassed hundreds of millions of dollars by unethical means while destroying countless reputations and lives of anyone to the Right of John McCain) has a new attack piece out against my friend Brad Griffin. And it is really, really stupid.

I support Donald Trump’s campaign for the same reasons Griffin does. It does not conflict with my Southern nationalist beliefs as I think Trump has already been good for the Southern people and our national interests. He has exposed and discredited many leading cuckservative Republican politicians in the South who oppose our interests. If he wins he will do good things for us in office like slowing down Third World immigration, avoiding a war with Russia, defeating ISIS and undermining the cult of political-correctness. If he loses he will have done much to split the globalist elites off from the Republican base and showed people that an alternative to cuckservatism is possible. He will have raised expectations for millions of Southerners, radicalized them and pointed the way towards something better than John McCain-style globalism.


From The Southern Future Original Story