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New York City pharmacy institutes 7 percent ‘man tax’

NEW YORK, Oct. 12 (UPI) — A pharmacy in New York City has implemented a 7 percent “man tax” for male customers to raise awareness of gender pricing discrimination.

A photo shared to imgur by user jaxb6464 showed two signs in front of Thompson Chemists pharmacy advertising the “New Store Policy” that all men are required to pay a 7 percent tax while all women shop tax free.

“We thought it’d be a great idea with all the political things going on—with Clinton being such a woman and the other guy and his womanizing,” owner Jolie Alony told the Daily Dot of the so-called man tax.

Alony also cited the pay gap between men and women as well as the “pink tax” which refers to a New York City Department of Consumer Affairs study which found that on average products marketed to New York women cost 7 percent more than those marketed to men, according to Gothamist.

“We wanted to share that women deserve to get a break, and men deserve to be charged 7 percent more. Women are spending more in general and we make less, so we deserve to have a break,” she said.

Alony explained the new “policy” does not actually charge men more for their products but simply exempts women from having to pay sales tax.

The discount has been designated as a promotion and Alony plans to gauge public reaction before deciding how long it will continue.

“So far, the women are very, very happy,” she said. “Men haven’t complained yet, they’ve just laughed.”

(And Probably went to the pharmacy down the street. GH)

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