Superintendent bans Confederate flag after students’ display in Bloomington – WTHR

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. (WTHR) – The superintendent of Bloomington schools has banned the Confederate flag from classrooms and other property at Bloomington High School North after a display by four students Wednesday.

Students at the school met with Monroe County Community School Corporation Superintendent Dr. Judith DeMuth to express their concerns about the students wearing the flags in the hallway of the high school. They told Eyewitness News they were offended when the students wore Confederate flag t-shirts and wrapped themselves in Confederate flags all day Wednesday.

They called the display “intimidating hate speech.”

In an email to Eyewitness News, one student said some of their classmates were so upset, they were crying at the sight of three fellow students wrapped in Confederate flags. The concerned students also said the other students wearing the flag made anti-LGBT statements.

“Everyone felt pretty unsafe. Me, myself, I could not even eat lunch. It’s made me sick to my stomach, absolutely. If you can’t feel safe in school and that kind of thing is going on around here, it’s not just me. It’s the collective feeling of everyone,” said student Caleb Poer.

The students felt no action was taken even after it was reported to school administrators.

“Like my friend said, it was hanging behind people as they were lynched. It was hanging behind those who were enslaved. It is a direct symbol of oppression and to bring that into our school, to bring the symbol of hatred into our school. It is just unacceptable,” said student Gaia Hendrix.

“That is something we won’t stand for as a school corporation. Any incident that causes a substantial disruption we can’t allow and that’s where we stand as a corporation,” said school district spokesman Andrew Clampitt. “We don’t want to hinder our students’ learning abilities. That’s one of our top priorities.”

The Confederate flag had previously been banned on the campus of Bloomington High School South.

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