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Trump support sticker shows confederate flag beating up LGBT flag

Jeff Chastain

The decal is sold on Fast Decals website, a US-based decals vendor

Sometimes you have to marvel at the inventive ways people can think up to express themselves politically.

In a photo shared online, a stick figure is shown colored as the confederate flag and beating up an LGBTI stick figure. The text underneath it reads: ‘Trump 2016.’

This seems to reference debates earlier this year on whether it should be legal to show support and pride in the confederate flag, with its ties to racism and slavery, and the large number of Americans still opposed to equal rights for LGBTI people.

The bumper sticker is being sold by Fast Decals, a US-based decals vendor.

There are two varieties being offered on the website. One shows a confederate flag kicking a rainbow flag, and the reverse is happening in the other.


They are described simply as: ‘LGBT Rainbow Flag Kicking Confederate Flag Decal.’ There are options to custom the size and material.

Fast Decals offers a huge catalog of different decals.

Trump’s voting demographic includes gay men. Yesterday it emerged that a man wearing a ‘Gays for Trump‘ t-shirt assaulted protesters at a Trump rally.

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