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This country’s founding principles were written by a moral and virtuous people. I doubt that the arguments used by Virginia in Brock’s article would be acceptable on Judgment Day. Although her points concerning a Hillary pResidency are valid, I would submit that our country is already lost based on those same points.

The real decision is whether we will still rely on other people for our future or whether we will stand up for ourselves. Sticking a fork in a dead pig will not bring it back to life.

If you like your country, you can have your country. Think about it. Our “government” treats our veterans as terrorists. Our government treats illegal aliens better than citizens. Our government has bankrupted the country (and I don’t mean a recoverable bankruptcy). Our government has implemented a two-tiered justice system. The list of abuses by domestic enemies is long enough.

Why is anyone discussing the Supreme Court nominations? The Supreme Court should be put back into its original box where it renders opinions, not legislation. Think about other ways to solve the issues that politicians have created other than “hoping” for a savior like Mr. Trump to stand up for you.

But here is my true point. I do like my country. I also know when to cut my losses. The only way to save the Republic is to rebuild it as Jefferson told us. The ballot box and jury box are no longer viable options.

David DeGerolamo

Source: Voting Is Not Standing Up for the Republic | NCRenegade