10 Things Americans Won’t Sacrifice To Save Their Children From Public Schools | Fire Breathing Christian

“But I can’t do that!”

This is the typical response of most American Christians to the simple, clear biblical command that God’s people educate their children in an explicitly Christ-centered manner throughout each and every day (see: Deuteronomy 6:5-7).

This typical Americanized Christian response is enabled and promoted throughout our dying culture by way of our State-managed “education” systems, our Corporate-managed pop-culture, and our negligent, State-licensed 501(c)(3) “church” leaders. Thanks to a State-centered view of life in general (and children’s education in particular) having been encouraged to metastasize throughout the culture over generations of abdication by the church, most professing Christians in America now actually believe – or pretend to believe – that they “can’t” do what God has commanded and equipped His people to do in the vital life- and culture-shaping realm of children’s education.

So when these people say that they can’t do it, what they really mean, whether they realize it or not, is that they won’t do it.

They can do it.

They can obey God.

But they won’t.

And since their local church leaders tend to merely echo rather than confront and correct what they hear from more overtly pagan sources sprinkled throughout the secular culture, they have grown very comfortable in not doing what God has clearly and lovingly commanded them to do (which is, by definition, sin) where the shaping of children’s minds is concerned.

They’re so comfortable in their rebellion that they tend to lash out at those who dare attempt to confront and correct their anti-Christian approach to children’s education in accordance with the Gospel (usually with full knowledge that their “church” leadership has their back on this, since most American “churches” are openly committed to supporting the State-controlled “education” of children in accordance with a philosophy of the pursuit of knowledge first introduced by the serpent in Genesis 3).

So what are these American “Christians” really so afraid of?

Source: 10 Things Americans Won’t Sacrifice To Save Their Children From Public Schools | Fire Breathing Christian