A SN.O Statement on #CALEXIT

california secession flag

The Southern Nation News site fully and unequivocally supports the rights of any free people to separate from undesirable political allegiances and pursue self-government. This is the fundamental ideal which formed the United States. It is basic to our founding documents. It is also the dominant spirit of the Tenth Amendment.

No matter how tempting it might be to invade and despoil California as payback for choosing the aggressor side in the War of Northern Aggression, TWO WRONGS DO NOT MAKE A RIGHT. When a government forces peoples to remain within its jurisdiction against their will, it  ceases to have any claim to status as a republic or a democracy and shows itself to be nothing more than another of history’s bloody and immoral empires.

So in the opinion of this site California, Oregon, and any other state which decides it is in its best interest to leave the union is free to leave with our blessing and best wishes.

And please encourage the other socialist enclaves to go with you. You will all be happier and so will the rest of us.

Thank you,