Alt-Right vs. All-Riot at Faith and Heritage


It was only a few days ago that Hillary Clinton’s stooges were insisting that Donald Trump must accept the election results without reservation or protest, no matter how dishonest they might be. As recently as Monday, the Huffington Post lamented the violence and anarchy that might befall the nation if Trump refused to crawl up into a ball and concede defeat:

The most commonly cited danger of Trump refusing to accept the election outcome is that it could lead to violence. . . .

There’s also a threat that Trump refusing to concede could undermine democracy itself.

It sounds extreme. But peaceful transfers of power have kept America a stable democracy for centuries. If that tradition ends, it could shake the belief that democracy is effective and cause voters to become more apathetic or adopt a more extreme political ideology.

Well, Trump has fully accepted the outcome of the election and bowed to the will of the states, so why all the rioting in our streets? Why hasn’t the Huffington Post deployed the Love Brigade to quell the intolerance and hatred? Where are the hand-holding, elbow-locking displays of solidarity and unity?

Instead, menstruating feminists everywhere are spewing their venom, and doing so with the most sophisticated vocabulary they have ever known…

Source: Alt-Right vs. All-Riot at Faith and Heritage