Blue Lives Matter waking Americans up to the truth

A grassroots organization formed to counter the anti-police violence spurred by racially divisive groups – such as Black Lives Matter – is trying to alert Americans about the alarming uptick of anti-police attacks over the past year.

On Monday, law enforcement officials of the San Antonio Police Department arrested Otis Tyrone McKane on a capital murder charge related to the execution-style ambush slaying of the police force’s detective, Benjamin Marconi.

The veteran Texas cop was assassinated as he sat in his squad car Sunday after making a traffic stop. Authorities have reported that the gunman walked up to Marconi’s driver’s-side window and fired a fatal shot. It was just one of several weekend attacks against law enforcement in multiple states across the country.

Horrified by the trend is Randy Sutton, a retired police lieutenant from Las Vegas, Nevada, who is now the national spokesman for Blue Lives Matter – a police support organization with approximately 1.2 million followers.

Sutton asserts that Americans are currently witnessing the targeted assassinations – and attempted assassinations – of police officers across the entire nation.

“Right now, we are at an almost 78-percent increase in the murders of law enforcement officers this year – compared to last year,” Sutton points out. “And the number of ambush attacks and targeted attacks is up about 800 percent. And so this is really disturbing.”

Sutton also maintains that his organization was established to counter the false anti-cop narrative he argues has been concocted by Black Lives Matter, the mainstream media, and the Obama administration.

“[Obama] has done nothing to stem the flow of blood from law enforcement,” the former law enforcement officer asserts. “And no one was defending law enforcement – none of the police leaders [and] none of the governmental leaders. And so a group of police officers got together, and we need get our voice out there.”

Sutton firmly believes things will get better under the incoming Trump administration.

Source: Blue Lives Matter waking Americans up to the truth | One News Now