Brainwashing is something we each do to ourselves | Bruce Charlton

Although we are immersed in a system of brainwashing, and in a sense we passively absorb it via the mass media and the social institutions such as propaganda from politics, government, law, education and so forth… this is not the ultimate truth of the situation.

Ultimately brainwashing is something we do to ourselves.

Yes, we are manipulated; but we seek-out and surrender to the manipulation; and so we personally, individually, are to blame for it.

We hear of problems (hear about them not usually from our own experience, but from media propaganda) and them give our own power away in clamouring for ‘them’ to ‘do something about it’ – put a stop to it, or make it happen…

Source: Bruce Charlton’s Notions: Brainwashing is something we each do to ourselves – It is our own fault, and the answer lies in our own hands