Breaking The Cycle Of State Worship And Dependence | FBC

Let’s face it, America hasn’t been serious about leaving “a better life” for upcoming generations for a very, very long time now. To pretend otherwise is a bizarre, cruel, and destructive fiction.

But pretending is what we’re into; it’s one of the few remaining things that we really work at here in a “land of the free” where you can’t even own a home outright (the State actually owns your home), you’re “free” to murder your own child for convenience, and you aren’t even entitled to have a private phone call or email (hey there, NSA, how ya doin’?).

And let’s not forget the biggie that makes all of this “freedom” possible: You are “free” to worship any false god, goddess, animal, plant or mineral that you wish, so long as you keep said worship in its proper place underneath the real-world ultimate authority of the almighty American State. (See also: The State as God in practice.)

So if you’re a newborn just heading into this mess or a young adult beginning to get a feel for how far down the river you’ve been sold, the ground-level reality you’re actually living in sure doesn’t gel much (or at all) with the propaganda flowing around you. It’s okay to notice, but you’ll need to learn a few things as you plan how to communicate your concerns, including: Self-identified conservative Christians in America are more often than not both A) incredibly socialist/Marxist/satanic in economic/governmental/educational practice, and B) every bit as much into “safe spaces” and shouting down those sharing truths they just don’t wanna hear as the “idiot liberals” they like to whine about.

Put another way, many of the “conservative Christian” people who worship America and are counting on Donald Trump and Rush Limbaugh to make her great again are the same folks who sold you up the river a loooooong time ago and aren’t about to repent and own up to it now. They want their public schools, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, unemployment payments, disability payments and giant war machine, and they’re willing to do whatever it takes to keep that train a-rollin’…

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