Butt-Hurt Huffman engages online with Confederate-flag wavers

Rep. Jared Huffman and two of the three men who brandished(?) Confederate flags during the Veterans Day parade in Petaluma on Friday exchanged points of view via Facebook over the weekend.

Huffman on Friday snapped a picture of three men holding three different Confederate flags as he was riding in the parade procession and posted it on Twitter along with this message: “More ugliness is coming. Wonder if they know what those flags really stood for?”

At least one of the three men was wearing a Donald Trump-for-president T-shirt.

In his message to Huffman, a writer who identified himself as Bailey Vetter wrote, “We did this in protest of you, sir, while I respect your right to believe in a false narrative that stems from a smear campaign against the CSA (Confederate States of America) that started out with Lincoln, and the adoption of our battle flag of those dunce cap wearing freaks in sheets, I do not, and cannot respect your wanting to push any bill that would prohibit the placement of our flags anywhere, especially if placed there privately.”

Huffman said the other flag waver, whom he identified as Austin Butternips, posted under the moniker Grey Rebel.

Butternips wrote, “Nobody wants racism but we can’t put the flag away, because the north knowingly attacked women and children who weren’t arm (sic). It is in our hearts that one day our history wont be shunned and we can live together as a diverse county where everyone can respect others opinions.”…

Source: Huffman engages online with Confederate-flag wavers | Marin Independent Journal