#Calexit & Leftist riots in Oregon

Left-wing radicals and Third World immigrants are rioting in Oregon, destroying cars, attacking drivers and vandalizing property in the name of opposing Donald Trump and his “sin” of racism. Such tolerant folks!

The growing #Calexit movement is a more civilized response to opposition by Leftists and foreigners to Trump. The advocates of Yes California seek to legally secede from Trumpland in order to have more Third World immigration, socialism and cultural degeneracy. They sound like people we can support. The secession of California would mean that the remaining USA would be greatly improved demographically. It would strengthen the Right in Congress and make it difficult for the Left to win US presidential elections. It would provide a haven for Social Justice Warriors, Third World immigrants, cultural degenerates and welfare bums. We could even begin taking action to encourage such people to relocate to the Golden State. And its secession would likely prompt New England to say goodbye as well rather than suffer Right-wing rule. We would be left with the South, Midwest and Rocky Mountain States. This would be a huge improvement over union with a lot of people with whom we essentially have nothing in common.


From The Southern Future Original Story