Election day predictions

For what it is worth, I predict:

  • Southerners will vote overwhelmingly for Donald Trump today. He will win 80% or more of the Southern vote in the Lower South and a large majority elsewhere. The White turnout in the South will be higher than it was for the uninspiring New England moderate Republican Mitt Romney.
  • Hillary Clinton will win almost all (85-95%) of the Black vote in the South. The Clintons are well liked by Blacks, though their turnout for a White woman will not be as high as their record turnout for a Black man in 2008 and 2012.
  • Areas of the South which have been ethnically cleansed of Southerners such as northern Virginia, southern Texas and southern Florida will go heavily for Clinton. She will mop up in the non-Southern areas of old Dixie. Republican moderates who have long favored Third World immigration will have themselves to thank for losing Virginia and making Florida and North Carolina into close races. Without the Immigration Act of 1965 and Ronald Reagan’s amnesty in the 1980s all Southern States – probably even Maryland which used to always vote with the rest of the South – would vote for Trump and he would easily defeat Hillary in the election.
  • University towns, heavily populated by northern neo-communist professors, lots of northern students and SJWs, will go for Hilary. Often these areas of blue will be completely surrounded on maps by a sea of red.
  • The Southern vote – combined with working class Whites in the Midwest, Rust Belt and Rocky Mountain States – will probably come up a little short. Post-1965 Third World immigrants, Blacks and liberal White enclaves will give Hillary the win. This will be the last time Republicans, who expanded their base to the max under Trump with his broad appeal to working class Whites, will be competitive in a US presidential election. The GOP will essentially become a White civic-nationalist party. And Southerners (and Whites elsewhere) will increasingly come to terms with their dim future trapped in a hostile political system as a permanent minority. Expect for the 2020’s to be a radical time of increasing political upheaval and violence as Hispanics take over the Democratic Party and Whites are forced to become more aware of themselves as a group.

Note: I could be wrong about Trump narrowly losing. I have been wrong about him many times already. And I hope I am again wrong.


From The Southern Future Original Story