Election fraud is no myth – Washington Times


“Vote early and often,” the old joke goes. Though the latest voter-fraud news out of Colorado is no laughing matter. According to CBS4 in Denver: “An ongoing CBS4 voter fraud investigation has uncovered a dozen cases where Coloradans are suspected of voting twice. Previous CBS4 investigations revealed ballots cast in the names of Coloradans who had been dead for months — sometimes years — before votes were cast in their names.”

In Missouri, meanwhile, prosecutors are investigating allegations that Mayor Ted Hoskins of Berkeley, Mo., and his supporters interfered with the absentee ballot process, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports. Specifically, they’re accused of insisting that the ballots they collected be unsealed (contrary to the law) so they could tamper with them later.

“Hoskins was on the April 5 ballot, running for re-election against two other candidates,” the Post-Dispatch notes. “He ended up winning by 13 votes out of nearly 1,200 cast. On Election Day, an FBI agent and a St. Louis County Police detective watched election workers open the envelopes from voters in a few precincts . A small number of ballots appeared to have been altered or had questionable markings.”…

Source: Election fraud is no myth – Washington Times