End of Year, Preparedness

It is the end of the year, and that is a big time in the life of a prepper. It is time to go through inventories, make updates, and plan revisions and changes. I am pretty much on top of my preps but as someone that has a full-time life on the side even I can get behind.

As part of my end of the year ritual the first thing I do is to go through my food supplies. The main thing I am looking for is items that are about to expire. Not all expiration dates are created the same and some items that are out of expiration can still be used. However, I go ahead and take anything that is going to expire in the next three months and I put it in a donate pile. Anything that is going to expire in six months I move to the consume pile. The consume pile is items that I will just incorporate into my daily menu. Be sure when you donate those canned goods so that you can get a receipt and deduct that from your taxes.

Once I have cleared things out I then resupply. I don’t like to resupply all at once and the reason I do this is it staggers out the expiration dates on items. If you are just getting into prepping and don’t have a lot of money then you are buying things a little bit at a time, and this can help stagger your expirations.  In an ideal world you use stuff that is going to expire before it does, but by staggering out your expiration dates you aren’t under pressure to eat a bunch of items all at once. If you keep an inventory of your food stores don’t forget to update your inventory. I don’t keep one as I am able to keep track of what I have in my head. Less stuff to keep track of is one less thing on my already full plate.

The next thing I do is gather all my bags together. Get home bags, bug out bags, and combat bags. I go through all of them and remove expiring items. Pay close attention to your first aid kits here. I also reassess everything in those bags for their usefulness. Something that seems like a good item to have one day will not look the same on another. This is a good practice to perform throughout the year. It simplifies things and saves you from carrying extra stuff.

The next thing I check are the armaments. I take each weapon and carefully examine it for damage or wear. After that, I clean and oil each weapon. The only thing I do count is ammo. Once a year and break it all out and another count and update/change the numbers if necessary.

After weapons check is completed I do a gear check. Tents, sleeping bags, lanterns, or anything else. I take it out set, and set it up. You need to make sure that everything works and all the parts are there so you don’t get a nasty surprise on down the road when you need something and it is either broke or missing parts.

This is just my process and I don’t dare to claim it is better than someone else’s. If you have a system that works for you then stick to it, but at least have a system in place. Hope you find this article useful.


Source: End of Year | Texas Patriot