Google, Twitter sow seeds of own destruction

In an effort to curb what it terms “fake” news Google is removing ad capability from several well-known alternative news sites. Breitbart, WorldNetDaily, and the Blaze are conspicuously on the list of what Google calls fake news. Of course, what Google called real news totally and intentionally botched coverage of the 2016 election, complete with doctored polls and contrived scandals about the non-favored (winning) candidate. This is the first round of what will be a campaign to eradicate non-approved dissent on the internet. Censorship is what happens when a tightly restricted oligarchy reigns over the free flow of electrons.

In a Related move, Twitter is shutting down more accounts it associates with the Alt-Right.

Long Live Gab.AI! Long Live Duck Duck Go!

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Twitter suspends alt-right accounts