Haitian Illegals Released Into Society

Obama’s last push:

Haitian migrants have been released from crowded jails in Arizona and California as officials struggle to keep up with the number of those trying to enter the US illegally from Mexico.

They have been released on the condition that they agree to return to immigration court on a decided date and are allowed to live in society monitored by ankle tags until then.

An unnamed official said the immigrants are vetted before release to check for dangerous criminal backgrounds or other threats…

The decision to release Haitians will likely add to the growing backlog of more than half-a-million cases already pending in immigration court. That backlog has effectively meant that immigrants routinely wait years for a judge to decide if they should be kicked out of the country…

Women with children such as Cobon and Martinez are often released and given a court date similar to how the government is handling the Haitians.

So they will rigorously vet the official records of people who come from a land of rubble and live in shacks made of bamboo and tissue paper. Do they even have records in Haiti? Wouldn’t a tropical nation that lacks ceilings, and buildings, and file cabinets have trouble keeping records, what with the rain, wind and harsh weather?

Trump cannot bring the K to this government fast enough.

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