Happy to be wrong

Happily, I was wrong in my prediction that Donald Trump would narrowly lose the election. I got the South right. That was easy though. We all know before hand how the native Whites, Blacks Yankee transplants and Third World immigrants in the South will vote each and every election.

The wild card was the Rust Belt Whites who are socially conservative but economically have been severely hurt by the free trade deals and failed and open borders endorsed by the Republican elites and previous GOP presidential candidates. Yesterday, the Rust Belt Whites voted along with Southerners to elect Trump president. I discounted these people because they haven’t voted with us since the 1980s – and that was for Reagan who, despite his rhetoric, turned out to be awful and was no friend of Dixie or the White working class of the Rust Belt. But yesterday, when it mattered the most, they did.

As the New York Times explains: “[I]t was a decisive demonstration of power by a largely overlooked coalition of mostly blue-collar white and working-class voters who felt that the promise of the United States had slipped their grasp amid decades of globalization and multiculturalism.”

From The Southern Future Original Story