Limbaugh wrong on identity & Trump’s victory

Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh claimed on his program today that “This election had nothing to do with White people who want their country back on racial grounds.” He repeated this point several times in the first hour of his show, employing the tried-and-failed “Dems are the real racists” argument. Limbaugh went on to say it was just abstract ideas – the rejection of socialism and embrace of the free market – that motivated Trump voters and not identity. It was an ideological election, Rush declared, not an uprising by working class Whites.

This analysis misses the mark entirely. Identity, sometimes implicit and sometimes out in the open, was central to Trump’s win. It was why the rising Alt-Right took notice of him and made him their champion. It is why a Southern nationalist like me, after not voting in a very long time, voted for Trump and helped his campaign in other ways. The Donald ran on throwing out free trade deals and giving his voters (the working middle class) their fair share of the government spoils. He ran on keeping Social Security and breaking up Big Media. None of these are free market proposals. The US Left is experienced in identity politics and they immediately recognized what Trump was doing. But rather than back down and apologize like a cuckservative he always hit back harder and his voters loved him for it.

Limbaugh did make a somewhat redeeming point about how Democrats encourage identity politics for all racial groups except for Whites. He asked what is wrong with White people considering their interests as a group.

But on the whole Limbaugh’s comments underscore the point my friend Hunter Wallace at Occidental Dissent frequently makes – Conservatism, Inc. is useless and must be dismantled and replaced with genuine nationalism. The Classical Liberalism at the core of US Conservatism, Inc. needs to be replaced with actual Rightist ideas and values – not first generation liberal values. This is especially true in Dixie. We can not afford to pretend that our politics are about Adam Smith when truly they are about Wade Hampton. We can not act as if our cause is tax cuts or privatizing Social Security when really it is our survival and that of our civilization.


From The Southern Future Original Story