Miller: Trump won for same reasons Texas should be independent

Secession group leader: Trump won for same reasons Texas should be independent – Longview News-Journal

The leader of a movement seeking a statewide vote on Texas independence takes heart in elements of Donald Trump’s ascendency to the White House.

The election verified a grass-roots outrage at a political class occupying the seat of government, Texas Nationalist Movement President Daniel Miller said Friday.

“Let’s look at the numbers of Tuesday night’s election,” said Miller, a White Oak High School graduate. “What you saw was outrage at the politics on both sides of the spectrum. … A lot of the resentment toward the political class that fueled Trump’s campaign and election are some of the same resentments that fuel ours.”

The Texas Nationalist Movement also is eyeing the 6 million registered voters in Texas who did not cast a ballot Tuesday as ripe for recruitment.

“To all of these, we offer a home and a real choice,” a statement released statewide Thursday by the group reads.

“In this election cycle, we hit over 15 million registered voters,” Miller said Friday from his home in Nederland. “Yet in excess of 6 million registered voters in Texas looked at the ballot, shrugged their shoulders and stayed home.”

Citing a Reuters news poll, Miller said 54 percent of Republicans, 35 percent of Democrats and about half of the independent voters in Texas favor independence for the state.

“This has become mainstream,” he said

He also said half the delegates to the Texas Republican Convention last spring stood in support of a platform plank backing Texas independence.

“We proved our point, that this idea is not on the political fringe of discussion,” he said. “When half of the delegates stand up and vote for Texas independence, this is no longer on the fringes — this is the mainstream.”

Ironically, perhaps, the nationalist movement will ask the Texas Legislature to help its cause when lawmakers convene Jan. 10.

A bill to throw the decision to Texans — a la the Brexit vote in June by which Great Britain divorced itself from the European Union — is being drafted for the 85th Legislative Session.

“All roads to our independence lead through the Legislature,” he said.

A 20-year veteran of the Texas Nationalist Movement, Miller said he has witnessed opposition to the prospect of an independent Texas gradually diminish.

What seemed far-fetched when he joined is less so now, he said, again drawing a similarity to Trump’s election.

“I think the next time the pundits say this will never happen, I’ll just tell them, ‘Thank you,’ ” he said. “Those (Texas) people see that those are the same folks that are saying that Texas independence will never happen.”

Miller also sees hypocrisy in a long-running complaint that Texas’ political leaders make about an overreaching federal government while leaders in Austin display the same arrogance toward the state’s residents.

Texans, he said, don’t like a roughly 10-year-old refrain of “tweet, sue, lose and repeat” from Austin leaders railing against Washington’s regulatory influence on the state.

“When we travel the state and we visit with Texans, they are very clear with us about their distaste for the challenges with the federal government — and in broader terms with the (federal) political class,” he said. “The people of Texas are angry. But they are not seeing any solutions coming out of Washington, D.C., and they certainly aren’t seeing any solutions coming out of Austin.”

Source: Secession group leader: Trump won for same reasons Texas should be independent – Longview News-Journal – Longview, TX