Muslim Slashes Ohio State Students – Left Blames Guns!


A muslim ran a car into a crowd of people at Ohio State University then jumped out and started slashing people with a butcher knife.  A campus police officer shot Abdul Razak Ali Artan dead, ending his stabbing spree.  11 or 12 people were injured, depending on the report.  That’s it.  That’s what happened.  But Democrats and the liberal media aren’t happy with the simple truth being reported, so immediately started spinning the story to push their anti-gun agenda.

Without wasting a beat, Ohio State University reported the incident as an “active shooter” event.  This term is meant to sound more scary, because inactive shooters aren’t very scary. Ohio State President Michael Drake said, “We prepare for situations like this, but always hope never to have one.”  Well, apparently not.  The students who were plowed over by a car and hacked up ...

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