Southern Nationalists Face The Future – Occidental Dissent

No, the South isn’t going back to sleepJust look at the headlines:

1.) As expected, the marches and riots against President Trump have already begun. The Left is about to undergo a radicalization over the next four years.

2.) As expected, populism and nationalism have triumphed big time in the South. Look at that beauty of a Trump victory in Alabama. All that crying about racism and misogyny didn’t work. They cried “racist.” We laughed.

3.) As expected, cuckservatism has been overthrown and discredited and with its demise it has finally lost its authority to police the Right. Have you ever seen so much ass covering from the #NeverTrumpers?

4.) As expected, it is now the leftists in California and Oregon who are crying out for secession. Maybe they should have let us go when they had the chance?

5.) As expected, the reigning taboos are already crumbling in the wake of Trump’s victory. Lots of uppity White folks have been emboldened by this election. Like I said, fear and apathy was always the real problem, not any shortage of angry White people. All Whitey had to do was to have the audacity to finally say “no.”

6.) As expected, every Far Right party in Europe is hailing Trump’s victory as a political earthquake that will unleash a tsunami of nationalism that will carry them to victory in 2017. If America can do it, why not France or the Netherlands?

7.) As expected, the #LyingPress shredded its credibility in its onslaught against Trump. The fact that the polls really were rigged has not gone unnoticed by our people.

8.) As expected, there is no more pharaoh at the top of the liberal pyramid in Washington, all his priests have lost their legitimacy, and that fact alone is going to radically destabilize the system in ways no one alive has ever seen. Trump is not a Southern Nationalist, but he isn’t an enemy of nationalists and populists.

9.) Lots of good developments are on the way. We could have an Attorney General Jeff Sessions and a Justice Department that protects our civil rights for a change. We might win the freedom to organize without fear of harassment as a result of this election.

10.) Now that Trump has destroyed both the Republican Party and the Democratic Party, the time is ripe to reemerge on the political stage in the South. Lots of vulnerable TruCons out there are sitting ducks for insurgent candidates.

We have so much work to do. There are so many opportunities to exploit. Are we capable of taking advantage of the situation though?

Source: Southern Nationalists Face The Future – Occidental Dissent