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More Feedback on Confederate Statues | WINA

Charlottesville, VA: Many area residents have shared their views on a draft report from the city’s statue commission. Lisa Woolfolk says the panel should reconsider its support for keeping donated statues of Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson. She contends the statues, which were created in the 1920’s, traumatize many people.

Many who attended the panel’s Thursday night meeting at Walker School disagree with Woolfolk. Joseph Kopp calls them heroes of our history, and he wants them to remain forever.

The commssion’s draft report calls for retaining the statues, providing the city comes up with new names for Lee and Jackson Parks. It also urges the city to transform those spaces. The commission hopes to approve a final draft on November 28th, and send it to City Council.

Source: More Feedback On Confederate Statues | NewsRadio WINA