Thank You for Making SN.O Number One!

Southern Nation News is now the number one Southern-themed site on the internet according to Alexa and the other web ranking services. Not bad for a project created on a cell phone while I was laid up in the hospital. SN.O has also surpassed a generous portion of the conservative and Alt-Right media sites out there. This is incredible for a site with just two months service with very little search engine exposure.
I would personally like to thank you all for making this project take off.  Up till now there has been little cost, but my time developing this site. Electrons are cheap.
In spite of several flippant (and anonymous) email accusations, Southern Nation News is not a money making project. If you want to get rich on the internet you attack Dixie. I have no conscience or desire for collaborator cash.
You also may have noticed that there are no Google ads or Viagra solicitations on this site. They will remain conspicuously absent. I one day may place ads on this site but, if an ad ever appears on this site, it will only be for a Southern product from a Southern vendor.
Due to the amount of traffic Southern Nation News receives it is necessary to make some improvements to the site and move it to a faster, more responsive server. Despite hunting season, all this should take place over the next couple of months and I will TRY to make it as seamless as possible.
Thanks once again again for making Southern Nation News the number one Southern site on the internet.