The Left Has A Ludicrously Broad Definition Of “White Nationalism” | The Daily Caller

Words have gone gelatinous, oozing and bending. Our political discourse has turned into gibberish, torturing language into pure nonsense.

Take “white nationalist,” the idiotic label applied in recent weeks to Breitbart CEO and Trump campaign strategist Steve Bannon, who will soon move to the White House to direct the new administration’s political strategy.

“There should be no sugarcoating the truth here,” Senator Jeff Merkley said in a post-election press release. “Donald Trump just invited a white nationalist into the highest reaches of the government.”

For example, Merkley went on, Bannon “compared the work of Planned Parenthood to the Holocaust.”

Take a moment to look at a definition or three of the phrases “white nationalist” and “white nationalism.” Stormfront – a group that should probably have a pretty good idea what white nationalism is – defines the latter as “the political doctrine demanding White only living space administrated solely by a White people only government. All political and cultural elements are to be free from Non-White influence and/or control.” The Southern Poverty Law Center says that “white nationalist groups espouse white supremacist or white separatist ideologies, often focusing on the alleged inferiority of non-whites.” Here are a few more definitions – they’re pretty consistent.

Now: If you want to claim that Steve Bannon is a “white nationalist,” does his criticism of Planned Parenthood provide evidence for your claim?…

Source: The Left Has A Ludicrously Broad Definition Of “White Nationalism” | The Daily Caller