The REAL Reason For Democrats’ Recount Is Much More Sinister Than Ever Imagined – Fury News

Even though the election is over, the Democrats aren’t giving up in their efforts to steal the presidency from Donald Trump. Hillary Clinton has just joined Jill Sten’s effort to overturn the Trump’s win, and the recount starts today. While many Republicans are simply laughing off Democrats’ last-ditched efforts, more details have just emerged about the true intentions of the recount, which is nothing short of alarming.

Following Trump’s win, Hillary Clinton conceded the following day, backing down from her efforts to dispute the votes. While many consider Hillary’s concession as complete assurance of Trump becoming the president, the blatant issue is that most are ignoring is that Jill Stein never conceded to Trump. And if the Democrats are able to fabricate voter fraud in the key swing states of Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania, then Trump would then lose these vital electoral votes, and thus the presidency. While this is a complete possibility at this point, another highly disturbing theory has just come to light, showing just how shady and conniving the slime-balls on the left truly are.

In order for Trump to be declared as the finalized as the winner of the presidential race, all electoral votes must be validated by the states by the December 19 deadline. But if these states are having to recount the millions of votes by hand, which is the stated plan, then these states could easily miss the deadline, which would then nullify the electoral votes previously calculated. This theory was first brought to light by novelist Thomas Wictor, whose Tweet instantly began to go viral on social media.

If Democrats fail in pulling off their scheme with the recount, there’s a much more sinister plan in place for Hillary’s long game. According to a source close to Hillary, her goal with the recount is to undermine the legitimacy of Trump’s election, in order to “keep her options open for 2020.” Although Hillary has maintained the facade to the public of being the “gracious loser,” she’s been quietly plotting since the night of her loss how to wrestle the presidency away from Trump, confirmed by her own campaign lawyer, Marc E. Elias.

Hillary spent over 3 decades scheming in Washington D.C. and riding the coattails of her husband in order to one day become president of the United States. If we think this vile woman is just going to happily fade into the sunset following her loss this time around, then we’re sadly mistaken. Even if her recount is unsuccessful, it looks like Hillary has no plans for putting herself out to pasture anytime soon.

Source: The REAL Reason For Democrats’ Recount Is Much More Sinister Than Ever Imagined – Fury News