UMass students hold ‘sh*t-in’ for gender-neutral bathrooms

Massachusetts is famous for its stand for liberty at Lexington. Concord. Bunker Hill. And now — this:

Students at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst are staging a week-long “sh*t-in,” occupying restrooms in an administration building to demand more gender-neutral facilities. The “Sh*t-In at Whitmore” demonstration began Monday morning at the Whitmore Administration building (which the activists have nicknamed “Queermore”), and organizers intend to have students continue occupying stalls in the building’s male and female restrooms until their demands are met, though the Facebook event specifies a Friday afternoon ending.

Among their demands, protesters want the university to hire a professor “who is an expert in the field of critical transmisogyny from an intersectional perspective.” Whatever that means. Unenlightened souls who don’t understand why gender-neutral bathrooms are important must read this from the protesters’ manifesto:

“There can be no climate justice without gender justice. There can no be gender justice without racial justice. There can no be racial justice without economic justice. There can be no economic justice without social justice.”

Oh, yeah. If the university will only build more gender-neutral bathrooms, it’ll rip a hole in the racism/heteronormative continuum, which will spontaneously birth all kinds of justice. Whales and manatees will prosper and polar bears will no longer get the sads. Makes sense to me.

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