UN “Human Rights” Council Now Officially Controlled by Dictators

More than half of the regimes sitting on the United Nations Human Rights Council after last week’s election have been categorized as unfree, sparking criticism and further ridicule of the global body ostensibly tasked with upholding the UN’s vision of human rights. Among the latest selections to serve on the discredited global council are some of the most oppressive and murderous communist and Islamist dictatorships on the planet. That is despite the UN outfit’s mandate saying that only member governments that “uphold the highest standards in the promotion and protection of human rights” are eligible to join. Adding to the controversy, the Obama administration and Western powers remained silent as UN member governments chose some of the most barbaric regimes on Earth to police “human rights” around the world.

Of course, the selection of ruthless totalitarians to the UN’s “human rights” bureaucracy is nothing new. It got so bad more than a decade ago that the brutal regime of late Libyan dictator Moammar Gadhafi was selected to lead the UN “Human Rights Commission.” After becoming a global laughingstock and discrediting the broader UN, the “commission” was formally disbanded, being replaced by the new and supposedly improved “council.” Like its predecessor, though, the UN Human Rights Council is now officially controlled by repressive, unelected governments. The UN’s pseudo-“human rights” apparatus is also led by an extremist Muslim prince who constantly attacks the United States, free speech, gun rights, and other fundamental freedoms, while meddling in Western elections andcovering up real atrocities perpetrated by child-raping UN “peace” troops or dictatorial UN member governments.

The latest list of selections for the UN body, chosen by UN member governments and tyrants, reads like a who’s who of totalitarian regimes. Among the communist dictatorships that cruised to victory at the UN council, for example, was the regime enslaving mainland China, which has murdered more people than any government in human history. Conservative estimates suggest that the Communist Party state in Beijing is responsible for killing between 60 million and 100 million victims, not including those slaughtered in forced abortions. Despite ongoing atrocities that include harvesting organs from political and religious prisoners, forced abortions to enforce population control, ruthless persecution of Christians, massive censorship, a lack of elections, and more, 180 UN member states decided the autocracy in Beijing was well suited for the important human-rights post.

Another savage communist regime to secure a seat on the UN body is the Castro-led Stalinist dictatorship enslaving Cuba, which received support from 160 out of 193 UN member states. In addition to its history of mass-murder and savage persecution of dissidents, the military autocracy continues to export communist terrorism and tyranny around the world. Indeed, Obama actually launched his political career in the home of Castro-backed communist terrorist Bill Ayers, whose treasonous terror group bombed U.S. targets, murdered police officers, and, according to the FBI, plotted to intern and execute millions of counter-revolutionary Americans with help from foreign dictatorships…


Source: UN “Human Rights” Council Now Officially Controlled by Dictators