What Do We Do Now? Texas Patriot

What does it mean to me as a Prepper now that Trump will be President? First off, above all things we must remain vigilant. Obama still has a few months in office, so the crazy isn’t over yet. Hopefully, there I nothing that can be done in the last few months that can’t be undone. The answer to the question though is, who knows.

We can look back at what he has done as a business man and see what kind of business man he is, but as far as what kind of politician he is that remains to be seen. For those of you that have owned a business before you can attest to the fact that the two are not the same. As a business owner myself I have had to deal with people that I normally wouldn’t dream of associating with. It just comes with the territory.

One thing I have noticed over the past few days that information about his cabinet has started to come out is that while he is an outsider many of the people his is tapping for spots are very much insiders. Does this mean anything? In order to effectively run the government he will need to rely on insiders to an extent but the key thing he needs to remember here is oversight. For lack of better words the buck has to stop with Trump.

It is much easier to talk about the things we DON’T have to worry about as Preppers now. The big one at the top of the list is our guns. We most likely will not have to worry about needless government intervention in our personal lives and choices anymore. Our standing as a world super power will improve. That can either make us less of a target or more of one. That one would be determined much by what our responses are to threats.

Most of all we must remain on top of our government. Tuesday was just the start, and we still have a lot of work to do. We must keep track of what our leaders do, especially down ballot, and hold the accountable for what they do and do not do. I am so impressed with how informed and dutiful my fellow patriots have been over the last year, and urge you to continue to do so.

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