“Whitelash” And the Cultural Marxists

by Al Benson Jr.

Well, a representative of the cultural Marxist class has come up with a new word in a pathetic attempt to define the reasons Trump won the presidential election when he really knew, in his heart of hearts, that Hitlery should have won it. The new term he came up with is “Whitelash.” This representative of the cultural Marxist class is presently a commentator for CNN. Some have labeled that “news” network the “Communist News Network” because the Communists seem to get a better shake in their “news” broadcasts than anyone else does.

This CNN commentator is a man named Van Jones. Anyone remember good ol’ Van? He was a special adviser for “Green Jobs” in the outgoing Obama Regime. He was Obama’s “Green Jobs Czar.” You can find Van mentioned in various sites on the Internet. One site noted of him that “There’s little question that Jones was an avowed communist.” The site www.politifact.com noted that, in 1994 Mr. Jones was one of the founders o STORM, a Marxist-Leninist group whose hero was Chinese Communist dictator Mao Tse Tung. That’s what Obama had for a “Green Jobs Czar.” Anyone surprised? Jones made such a fuss in certain areas that he eventually had to resign. I don’t know when CNN picked him up but they sure didn’t get any bargain when they did.

The cultural Marxists had planned on Hitlery winning the election. They thought she was a shoo-in. They made the mistake of believing their own polls. Of course some even went so far as to try to implement her victory by “assisting” the vote totals in several states. If you doubt that then read some of the WikiLeaks material that has been posted on the Internet, or some of the other stuff captured on hidden cameras by the Veritas organization showing Democratic operatives talking about how they planned to “influence” the vote.

So Comrade Jones came up with the new culturally Marxist term to define why the evil Donald Trump won the election when the virtuous Hitlery should have. Remember the word “whitelash” because you will see more of it in days to come as other commentators in the prostitute mainstream media try to blame us evil white folks for the victory of that evil Donald Trump.

Everyone knows we should all have voted for Hitlery to show we have no prejudice against women, just like we all should have voted for Obama in the last two elections to show we had no prejudice against blacks. The fact that many of us didn’t swallow that bit of race-baiting shows that we must all be prejudiced and must, therefore, assume our assigned places on “stools of everlasting repentance.”

Had we not been guilty of “whitelash” we would all have voted for Hitlery so she could have been enthroned in the White House, have eviscerated the Second Amendment, have promoted her open borders scheme to end our national sovereignty  and have promoted a woman’s “right” to kill her unborn child when that child became “inconvenient.” Just look at all the golden opportunities we missed by not electing her! The fact that us evil white folks couldn’t find it in our hearts to do all this shows that we are not only “deplorable” but totally “irredeemable.”  Problem with this new cultural Marxist pet theory is that there were also black folks and Hispanic folks that voted the same way us evil whites did–against Hitlery. Of course all the blacks that voted for Trump must have been “Uncle Toms.” That would explain why they failed in their bounden duty to elect Hitlery, the most compassionate candidate ever. As for the Hispanic folks that voted for Trump, I don’t know what the Hispanic term for their “treason” might be. Maybe we could just call them people that displayed an unusual amount of common sense in this instance. But somehow I don’t think that definition will appease those of a cultural Marxist persuasion.

But whatever happened, it was, as always, “whitey’s fault.” It always is. I also noted that a batch of Hollyweird people and various other “celebrities” all said that if Trump was elected they would leave the country.  From what I can tell, most of them haven’t gone anywhere and don’t really plan on making the trip. More’s the pity! If the thought of a Trump presidency is so horrendous, then what’s keeping them here?  They should be packing their bags by now and heading out for socialist gardens of Eden like Zimbabwe or Cuba–and making sure the door doesn’t hit their backsides on the way out! As a prejudiced white guy, I won’t shed any tears when you all are gone–and I don’t care what color you are, or what your sexual preference is.

I guess all of us evil whites need to start attending sensitivity training class that will teach us to hate and loathe ourselves so we don’t all fall prey to “whitelash.” Blacklash is okay. That’s politically correct–and besides, George Soros may fund some of that. Black prejudice is okay and the black “racists” that are prejudiced against us white folks are okay. It’s just that we are not permitted to feel the same way toward them. The darker animals in this barnyard are always “more equal” than the lighter animals and us evil whites need to remember that.

What we really need to start doing is taking a good look behind the scenes at who is promoting and paying for this Marxist drivel–and then we need to start exposing them (Ephesians 5:11).

From the Copperhead Chronicle Original Story