Whites & Republicans feel like strangers in their own country

Here’s the graphic accompanying the portal into Reuters/Ipsos’ poll in which participants were asked, on election day (this looks like it could be Steve Sailer’s missing R/I exit poll, but at least up to this point, isn’t being fully released), if they agreed or disagreed with the statement, “These days I feel like a stranger in my own country”:

So it’s illegal immigrants, Muslims, blacks, SWPLs, and all the other constituencies that must be cobbled together to create the Coalition of the Fringes that are feeling lost as the country regresses, then?

To an extent, yes, in that plurality of the country as a whole expresses the sentiment of feeling like a stranger in American society. Bowling–or, increasingly, holing up and watching Youtube or Netflix–Alone; the story of 21st century multicult America.

But Core America is where the alienation is the most acute. It’s Middle Americans who really feel like barbarians living within the gates.

The following table shows the percentages who agree–that is, who express feelings of alienation–by the limited demographic characteristics available and with the non-committal and “don’t know” responses removed. The sample size is huge (n = 45,122):

Group Stranger
White Republicans 72.9%
Republicans 72.2%
Hispanic Republicans 69.2%
Independents 65.3%
Hispanics (all) 60.8%
Black Republicans 59.3%
Whites (all) 59.0%
Blacks (all) 54.5%
Hispanic Democrats 54.4%
Black Democrats 53.2%
Democrats 43.3%
White Democrats 38.7%

Nearly 3-in-4 white Republicans sense that the country is becoming unrecognizable. The cold culture war (that is heating up) continues to pit goodwhites on one side and deplorables on the other.

Source: The Audacious Epigone: White Republicans overwhelmingly feel like strangers in their own country