Why precious college snowflakes will eliminate themselves from the human gene pool

Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
In a society that teaches youth “everyone’s a winner,” no one learns how to lose. From this, we get a pampered, protected, hyper-triggered population of young, homogenized losers who all mistakenly think they are forever on the winning side of history. So when the power of the American Republic turns against their delusional fantasies and shatters their false beliefs by electing Donald Trump as President, they completely freak out, practically wetting themselves with horror as they desperately seek hugs, emotional trauma counseling, “primal scream” sessions or other expressions of lunacy that most U.S. adults outgrew before the age of ten.If you know any of these precious college snowflakes, please send them a link to this article, because they need to come to their senses sooner rather than later.

Crybully snowflakes are an aberration of nature

Since they believe in the false narrative of man-made climate change, college snowflake “crybullies” all believe they are close to nature. But they’ve never actually studied anything in nature, and they don’t understand any real phenomena in the natural world, which is why reality is such a horrifying shock to them.

Case in point: Ask any anthropologist or naturalist about the survival of any species in the real world of natural competition. They will describe to you the laws of “natural selection,” which are sometimes called “Darwinism.” Natural selection is a process by which the weaker, more fragile and less adaptive members of any species are killed off or denied reproductive partners. This weeds them out of the gene pool of the species, resulting in a stronger, more adaptive and more successful species that can survive a challenging, competitive world…

Source: Why precious college snowflakes will eliminate themselves from the human gene pool at the next natural selection event – Conservative News & Right Wing News