Will California secede with Trump win?

Now isn’t this interesting? In the wake of Trump’s surprise victory, the most strident calls for secession are coming from the Blue states:

Half of the country might be celebrating Donald Trump’s victory, but others are talking about seceding from the United States. Are they being sore losers or opportunists? For some people in California, and other western states that went blue for Hillary Clinton, the road forward is clear: Cut their losses and make a go of it without the rest of the country. If we combine OR & WA what will the red states do without us bailing them out? All the brain trust & money goes w/US of West States #Secedehttps://t.co/QlPAPIpNGI — Ann Archie (@SamnRickisMom) November 9, 2016 Dear @POTUS, as part of your last efforts, please move your family to the west coast and help us #secede. Thank you. — Leslie H (@umagp) November 9, 2016 On Twitter, Californians began the loudest cries for secession from the United States. I no longer will refer to myself as an American, I am a Californian. #calexit — white u.s. citizen (@herbivorre) November 9, 2016

I’ve long had reservations about Donald Trump, but this backlash is an unexpected bonus. The issue of secession is no longer the exclusive property of conservatives. Now progressives see it as THEIR immediate goal. And check this out from the LA Times: Trump victory sparks angry protests across California: ‘Not my president’ Ain’t we living in interesting times?

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