‘Your vote was a hate crime’

“Confederate monument tagged after Trump win”

Richmond: Anti-Donald Trump protests bloomed throughout the United States in the wake of the Republican nominee’s election on Tuesday. That included graffiti in Richmond, Virginia, once the capital of the Confederacy,

There, a protester tagged the statue of Jefferson Davis, the former president of the Confederate States of America, with “your vote was a hate crime.”

Other nearby statues, such as the monument to Confederate general Robert E. Lee, were also graffitied.

Trump has called for a ban on Muslim immigration to the United States and has said that Muslims will have to “register in a database,” though didn’t specify how he would implement such a policy. He has also called Mexican immigrants “drug dealers” and “rapists” and mocked a disabled reporter.

Last month, Trump’s new hotel in Washington, D.C., was spray-painted with the words “Black Lives Matter” and “No Justice, No Peace.”

Source: Confederate monument tagged after Trump win: ‘Your vote was a hate crime’